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Wood floors installed in a French fir are characterized by extremely classic elegance. Already in the sixteenth century fond of them myself French aristocrats, and these floors are adorned interiors of castles and chateaux in the Loire Valley. This formula, although used for a long time, has a timeless values, which is perfect for the classic interior and modern arrangements.

Floors laid on the pattern of French fir were and still are very popular. They characterized by symmetrical, oblique mode of slats where the shorter edges are cut at an angle of 45°. Angle trim can be optional - 30° or 60° - but the most common option is the standard 45°.

Floor laid on the chevron pattern namely French fir so far was recognized as very laborious process which requires unusual precision of cutting causing large waste of material and necessity to use so-called foreign tongue. Putting our product on the market completely changes this view. FINISHJODŁA FRANCUSKA is a layered product, comprehensively prepared at the stage of production. Machine, precise cutting of all components ensures repeatability and extreme precision of finishing and assembly. The customer receives ready for laying planks which greatly shortens the process of laying the floor and eliminates the previously mentioned loss of material. Each plank has prepared already at the stage of the production system of tongue and groove on each edge, also on the front edge.


  • available in an option FINISHPARKIET and FINISHDESKA
  • elements cut at an angle of 45°
  • available in all offered in our company wood, stained, surface finish - including the brushing option
  • cover of the surface - oilwax or varnish
  • 4-side bevelling or sharp edges